Music & Media Empowerment Workshops

'Find your voice - Tell your story.'
Based on the successful formula of our series of Oneness Songwriter Summits in the U.S. and Central America, the Oneness Music & Media Empowerment Workshop gives young people the chance to express themselves -- and their social conscience --through the arts. Each workshop, in either a one- or two-day format, takes participants through the entire process of creating their own musical and artistic works: from inspiration through composition, production and finally presentation. Participants receive hands-on experience with state-of-the-art equipment, mentorship with professionals in the field, and collaboration with other youth from all walks of life - an unforgettable opportunity!
Currently planning new series of workshops in Los Angeles CA, Baltimore MD and Pine Ridge, SD
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'Project: One'

Starting in 2010, Project One was a county-wide initiative in collaboration with the LA County Human Relations Commission, inviting musically talented youth (age 14-18) to write and perform powerful new songs of social relevance. Out of this process, a performing and recording group was formed, the Bricks, who eventually released a full album of original music addressing themes such as domestic abuse, homophobia, poverty and racial inequality. Several of the participants won scholarships to the LA Music Academy and are now completing their studies.


A one day event in Los Angeles to create songs of social justice, racial unity and change, teaming of over 50 producer/songwriters at The Summits evolved to include a 2nd day of music mentorship, in which up & coming songwriters were able to team with veterans of the trade to create meaningful compositions speaking to the most important issues facing our communities relating to race. Sponsors for the events included The Recording Academy, ASCAP, BMI, Guitar Center, Apple, & more. A compilation CD of the songs written at the Summit was released, and another very successful Summit event was also held in Columbus, Ohio.
CJ Vanston, Terry Dexter and Lamont Dozier

'Power of Oneness Awards'

Recognizing individuals whose life and work exemplify Oneness' guiding principles and who have fostered meaningful change in the area of race relations, the Power of Oneness Awards was a gala event held two years in a row at Los Angeles' top Latin music venue, the Conga Room. Winners of the award include Edward James Olmos, Michael Jackson, Nancy Miller, Nile Rodgers, Jonathan Butler, Leila Steinberg, David Renzer, Joy Enriquez, Ed Begley Jr., The Jim Henson Company, Dr. Joy DeGruy-Leary, Zara Buggs Taylor and Brad Gluckstein.

'Encuentro de Musica'

In 2011, Oneness launched its first international workshop in Guatemala, Central America, in sponsorship with El Sistema de Orquestas de Guatemala (SOG) and AVID, the makers of Pro Tools. The Encuentro was a one-day conference style series of music empowerment workshops, Q&A’s, a concert featuring emerging artists and a roundtable discussion on the subject of bringing the musical community together for a higher good, while promoting social justice and change, raising the standards in the music industry, and inspiring the masses. The series was well-received by participants and the national media, paving the way for future Oneness events in Guatemala and elsewhere in Latin America.